Andreas Seed Oils, Raw, Pressed

5 Seed Oil Blend, Andreas special blend

Coriander Seed Oil

Black Cumin Seed Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Black Sesame Seed Oil

Special Premium Flax Seed Oil

Sunflower Seed Oil

Hempseed Oil


Every bottle of Andreas Seed Oil is:

  • A blend of freshly-harvested USDA certified organic non-GMO seeds, subject to our strict quality controls.
  • Freshly-pressed using proprietary technology that preserves the essential elements of the oils.
  • Instantly sealed in a new premium light-protective Miron glass bottles, upon pressing.

What to look for when purchasing seed oils

The best and most effective seed oils begin with the finest organic seeds, freshly harvested and carefully transported from the field. The method used to extract the oils from their protective coverings is a crucial element. Hydraulic and cold expeller pressing may fracture and damage the components of seed oil. Solvent extraction adds undesirable chemicals that may cause damage. Such damage may cause the seed oil to prematurely oxidize or turn rancid. Refrigeration may delay spoilage but also harms the beneficial elements of seed oil.

Our unique process avoids the problems and damage of other methods. Our presses are extremely powerful yet treat the seeds gently enough to preserve the essential qualities of the seed oil in a way that does not require refrigeration to achieve a shelf life ranging from 3-12 months.

Seeds, of course, are produced by plants to provide the highly concentrated nutritional substances needed to stimulate growth of new plants. Surrounded by hard-coated capsules, they are chockfull of life-force and vital nutrients. They are also the source of seed oil. Seeds have formed a basic element of the human diet for thousands of years, prized for their delicious and satisfying flavors as well as their health-promoting properties. In modern society, seeds are often neglected as part of the daily diet. Concentrated, pure, freshly-pressed seed oil, such as Andreas Seed Oils, are a great way to maximize the benefits of seed consumption. They provide a stimulating dose of healing and revitalizing nutrition at the cellular level.

What will seed oil do for me?

With daily use, the nutritional and life-giving properties of seed oils will reach every part of your body head to toe, and every organ including your skin will benefit. As the germinating force of life, seed oils contain the DNA “blueprint of life” and are nature’s perfected blend for nutrition, health and strength.


The questions and answers compiled below are only a fraction of what Andreas has been asked over the years since his product has been on the market.

1. Are the oils medicine?
No, they are not medication, they are the best food that can be taken. Andreas Seed Oils are a complete, whole food, containing all of the fatty acids, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins your body needs.

2. How do I take the oils?
Refer to the individual “products” pages for information regarding serving size. As far as how the oils should be administered, you can take them with or without food. Andreas Coriander Seed Oil may be used topically in addition to orally. The sunflower seed and black sesame seed oils are the only oils that can be used for cooking, and the others should not be exposed to heat, as heat breaks down the structure of the oils and the health benefits will be lost.

3. What are the fibers in the bottle?
As Andreas Seed Oils are not filtered, seed fibers are contained in the oils. These fibers are the key to unlocking the complete health benefits contained in each bottle. The fibers enhance the flavor and color of each individual oil. This is why it is important to thoroughly shake each bottle before use, as settling is natural in the product.

4. How do I store the oils?
The oils should be stored at room temperature, not in the refrigerator, and out of direct sunlight. Make sure the cap is also secured tightly to retain freshness. The oils, once opened, should be used within 3 months to ensure freshness.

5. Why do the oils come in a glass bottle?
The glass bottle used by Andreas Seed Oils is a Miron glass bottle. This special bottle keeps out harmful ultraviolet light, so your oils remain fresh. These bottles use similar infrared and UV frequencies naturally produced by the sun to bring energy to the contents within the bottle. The oils should not be placed in direct sunlight due to the amount of heat that can be captured and created in the bottles. Andreas Seed Oils are the first food products in the United States to use the Miron glass bottle.

6. Can the glass bottle be reused?
Reusing the bottle is not recommended. The bottles are extremely difficult to clean due to the viscosity of the oil. Even washing with warm, soapy water, the bottles will not be completely clean of residue and fibers. Andreas has tried multiple times to clean the bottles, and have been unable to completely clean the bottles. Attempting to clean the bottles is too time consuming,

7. Why does the bottle of oil that I recently received taste different than the one I purchased previously?
Andreas Seed Oils are pressed fresh from organically grown, non-GMO seeds. The taste changes occasionally based on a number of factors: seed variety, moisture content, harvesting, and region of purchase. Andreas Seed Oils obtains the certificate of analysis for each seed to guarantee the quality of the product, certifying that the seeds are clean.

8. How do I prevent the oil from dripping down the bottle?
Put the side of the spoon against the top thread on the mouth of the bottle, and pour slowly to fill the spoon. If you do not want to use a spoon, feel free to sip from the bottle. If you do this, just be conscious of the amount you are taking as you will not be measuring the amount, which you would be able to do if using a spoon.

9. Is it possible to take too much oil?
The oils are highly concentrated food products. You do not need a lot to have a delivered effect. Taking too much Andreas Coriander Seed Oil can lead to headache due to a detoxing effect. It is better to take the oils in smaller amounts, multiple times per day, and gradually increase your intake over time.

10. Can I take multiple oils together?
Yes, you can take multiple Andreas Seed Oils together. This is how Andreas take his oils every day.

11. Andreas, which oils did you take to eliminate your Crohn’s Disease?
Along with modifying my diet, I took a combination of three oils: flaxseed, coriander, and five seed oil. It is important to use these three Andreas Seed Oils together, as each has a separate function. Andreas Premium Flaxseed Oil is a foundation for rebuilding and repairing damaged cells. Andreas Coriander Seed Oil kills the Candida, the main contributor of Crohn’s Disease, as well as other viruses and invading bacteria. Andreas Five Seed Oil is used to increase energy levels. The use of these three oils has been continuous for me, even after my symptoms have subsided.