OxyLift™: An easy-to-take powerful natural mineral booster
OxyLift™ is a synergistic blend of powerful nutritional supplements providing the body with oxygen, hydrogen, structured water, etheric respiration energies, major and trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

Oxylift Proprietary blend Ingredients
Purified Ionic Ocean Plant Mineral Complex
Purified Water {Subtle Energy Enhanced & Ultra Purified}
Oxygenating Blend { Citric & Gluconic Acids, Rice Vinegar& Hydrogen Sulfate}
Amino Blend { 17 Amino acids]
Enzyme Blend { 4 enzymes}

• Gives the body all the essential ingredients it needs to rebuild its immune system.
• Once the body has all the necessary nutrients, it can restore its youthful energy again.
• Provides all the raw nutrients needed for the body’s DNA to repair cellular and tissue damage.
• Aging is the result of the accumulation of toxins. With the proper nutrition, the body’s immune system can help eliminate and slow its aging process.
• Supplies the body with what it needs to eliminate physical blemishes.
OxyLift™ concentrate is a breakthrough in value, a breakthrough in price, and comes in an easy-to-carry pocket sized dispenser.

How can I be losing oxygen if I breathe it every day?

The causes of our not having youthful energy, as well as the causes of many of our illnesses, can ultimately be traced back to a lack of oxygen and minerals or even lack of internal cleanliness in our digestive systems.
Unless we continually take in plenty of oxygen and minerals on a daily basis, none of our normal body maintenance, repair, or immune processes will function correctly. For example, without enough minerals, vitamins won’t work, and without enough oxygen we can’t eliminate properly.
Because most of us live in crowded cities, there are many reasons our health suffers. For example:
1. Most people live in an area where you have cars, buses, trains and planes all spewing their toxic fumes.
2. We become accustomed to being coated with pollution inside and out. Even our foods are grown in chemical fertilizers and then sprayed with pesticides and herbicides.
3. We, just like old smokers, hardly notice how low our health and energy levels have sunken because they decrease gradually day by day.
4. On top of that, we might use stimulants like caffeine-laced lattes or soft drinks, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs to try to get that energy boost.
All of these activities diminish the oxygen we breathe or stimulate our energy artificially, so you can have a difficult time feeling healthy.

Why do I need minerals?

Our bodies are made of minerals but they need to be constantly replenished. The earth has a variety of minerals naturally present in the ocean and soils. Our food is supposed to deliver them to us.
As a result of pollution and present day mineral depleting corporate farming methods (mentioned above), naturally occurring soil minerals that should be in our daily food are critically low, or missing entirely.
We’re all eating, but our food no longer has adequate minerals. Grown on worn-out soils, and rushed unripe to the shelf, most of our food is pretty, but it’s almost empty nutritionally.
Our health and bodily functions directly depend upon getting these absolutely essential minerals daily.
OxyLift™ supplies a full range of the missing minerals and trace minerals in super absorbable ionic form.

Why should I care if I have enzymes?

Sadly, in today’s high energy society, people eat excessively processed or manufactured foods. Even healthy whole food is often eaten in a rush.
Over the years digestive problems lead directly to more and more illness. We need lots of supplemental enzymes to completely digest our food so the undigested food particles do not enter the bloodstream. When undigested food particles enter your bloodstream, they become a food supply for infectious microbes.
OxyLift™ provides our bodies with a blend of essential enzymes. Those enzymes support your natural ability to digest your food and absorb is the foods nutrition. Plus, it will help with your body will have the enzymes and nutrients to support cleansing your digestive system as well as your blood supply.

How can OxyLift™ help to repair and rebuild my body?

The body repairs itself using amino acids to build new protein structures. OxyLift™ delivers a daily boost of essential amino acids, assisting the body with its necessary self-replacement and repair activities.
In addition, after cleaning out, your body will need the energy to rebuild your over-worked and worn-out immune system. It will also need the strength to repair damaged or diseased tissue.
OxyLift™ is a unique combination that contains:
• Well-rounded and powerful blend of important minerals, enzymes and amino acids commonly lacking in today’s mass marketed foods
• Unlike the excessively sized molecules found in pills, OxyLift’s™ tiny Nano-ionic liquid delivery system is designed for full absorption
• Nutrients to support the body in cleaning your digestive system as well as your blood

How much OxyLift™ should I use?

Begin with 1 drop 3 times per day between meals, and increase gradually by 1 drop per day up to 27 drops total per day. Gradual consistent increases are the key.
At any rare sign of detoxification, cut dosage in half, and once detoxification symptoms cease, resume increasing dosages. Rare temporary minor cleansing reactions are possible, and normal, as the body throws off old wastes on their way out.
CAUTION: Persons with weak lungs, or on bronchial dilators, should stay at only 3 drops per day for the first month.
Gradual increases are possible after that. Do not take in the evening, as wakefulness can result. Serve OxyLift™ mixed in pure cool water or other drinking liquids.

General daily serving tips

OxyLift™ is unlike any other supplement. Begin taking OxyLift™ with 1 liquid drop 3 times per day between meals. The drops should be placed in a cool liquid, such as pure juice or water.
As you get acclimated to having an increase of necessary nutrients that may have been missing for a long time, slowly and gradually increase the daily serving to 8 drops taken 3 times per day, or a total of 24 drops per day.
On average it is best not to exceed a total of 50 drops per day long-term unless under the care of a therapist skilled in the oxidative modalities. Avoid taking late in the evening since wakefulness may result.

Detoxification daily serving tips

Precatuions: OxyLift™ ingredients are necessary for natural body detoxification and cleansing. When the serving sizes work up into the higher numbers, depending upon beginning level of internal cleanliness, minor cleansing reactions MAY occur, such as:
• Temporary excretions
• Cold symptoms
• Soreness or stiffness
Remember these are temporary and part of the recovery process as your body rids itself of toxic waste.
As your body finally gets the nutritional building blocks necessary to eliminate old internal wastes (that it always wanted to eliminate), the exiting old waste residues may produce temporary discomfort on their way out.
At any sign of discomfort, reduce the serving by half each day until symptoms disappear, and then resume slowly increasing the serving size again.
Asthmatics or people with problem or weak lungs and those who use bronchial dilators should remain at ONLY 3 drops per day for the first month with gradual increases thereafter only as tolerated. Asthmatics are detox-sensitive.

Rebuilding your health daily serving tips

Used properly, OxyLift™ is a gentle long-term daily nutritional supplement. As the body uses the OxyLift™ nutrients over a period of time, patience is required.
General Rule: For every seven years of life, one year of OxyLift™ supplementation plus OxyEarth™ and OxyFlush™ is suggested to help the body counteract the built up wastes and microbes, and to help build up mineral and oxygen reserves deep within body cells.
Individual results will always vary. External Use OxyLift™ can be diluted and used directly on the skin for slowly aiding and expediting healing. Try it on insect or jellyfish bites. Do not use in the eyes or undiluted in the nostrils. Keep off non-living organics.

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