Worried about allergic reaction to LDM? Try Munity Boost!

The formulas of Dr. Max Barlow have been around for 40 years and lovingly carried on by his children since his passing more than 13 years ago.

Our most popular formula is an unbeatable extract of Lomatium dissectum, also known as LDM-100. In some people this formula can cause a one-time detox rash that is itchy, uncomfortable, unsightly and to say the least a little bit scary. This can detract from all the good that Lomatium can bring and make it hard to recommend it to others.

Over the years a lot of thought has gone into helping those who get the Lomatium rash get over it as quickly as possible. We have also been of the mindset that it would be wonderful to prevent it ~ if at all possible….and still maintain the wonderful benefits of LDM-100.


Munity Boost is a special combination of Lomatium Dissectum, Dandelion root, Red root, Black Walnut hulls, Sarsaparilla, Blue Vervain and St. John’s Wort appears to be a start in the right direction to prevent rashes.

Each herb was chosen for it’s ability to work hand in hand with the other herbs and their medicinal properties to prevent the allergic Lomatium rash. Together these herbs act as mainly an anti-viral. Other bodily influences: anti-inflammatory, expectorant, blood purifier, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-depressant, anti-parasitic, sore throats coughs and fever. And best of all ~ in the last year of testing on people who have never used a Lomatium dissectum product ~ no rash.

We cannot guarantee 100% prevention of the Lomatium rash but we feel very confident in the ability of “MunityBoost” to do it’s job.

Safe for children and highly recommended as a preventative during cold and flu season and times of travel for everyone.

Munity Boost 2 oz  $31.99