Biofilam Brown Seaweed Extract

Biofilam is a concentrated brown seaweed, gathered in the clean waters of the northwestern Pacific Ocean near uninhabited Kuril islands. It is harvested by hand. It’s also a reportedly a potent radioactive elements chelator. It was first developed in Russia in 1989 and proved successful in effectively treating radioactive fallout patients from the Chernobyl disaster, which happened in 1986.


BIOFILAM is classified as an “Adsorbent” of antitoxic materials; meaning that, in general, it helps to prevent toxic pollutants from absorbing into the body while the body is exposed to radiation or other toxic pollutants. Or it can help to detoxify or remove such toxins after exposure by literally sucking the toxins out or unabsorbing them (adsorb) and flushing them out of the system.

How does BIOFILAM work?

The following is not a complicated scientific or medical explanation written by doctors or nutritional professionals in big words that many people cant understand.

Instead, we have tried to explain how BIOFILAM works in plain and simple English Simply stated, the molecules of heavy metals, radioactive elements and other biotoxins “bond” or “adhere” to the molecules of Laminaria Japonica contained in BIOFILAM. These bonded molecules do not digest or absorb into ones system and are therefor flushed out of the body with feces. In other words BIOFILAM helps to prevent toxins and pollutants from absorbing into the bodies tissues by bonding with them first and then carrying them out of the body when you go to the bathroom. In situations where toxins have already absorbed into bodily tissues, BIOFILAM literally sucks them out like a magnet, bonds to them, and again flushes them out with feces when you go to the bathroom.
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What benefits does BIOFILAM offer?

Below are some of the most common benefits of BIOFILAM. If you are undergoing treatment for an existing health condition, it is recommended you consult with your medical physician or professional before taking any Sea Bio Resources products.

BIOFILAM can help:

  • Protect against thyroid cancer and other cancers
  • Detoxify the body from heavy metals, radioactive elements, free radicals and other toxins
  • Decrease high blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • Improve the functions of the Gastro-Intestinal (GI) tract
  • Assist people to quit smoking by helping to detoxify Strontium and Cadmium, commonly found in those who smoke
  • Boost the immune system in general
  • Boost weight loss
  • Boost growth of and improve the structure of hair and nails

What are some recommended usages of BIOFILAM?

BIOFILAM is a NATURAL NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT and not a drug The following recommended usages and dosages are approximate. It is recommended that when taking BIOFILAM with other medical treatments that you consult with your medical physician or professional to find your ideal dosage and usages.

BIOFILAM is best taken on an empty stomach, when you wake up in the morning or between meals with plenty of water.

BIOFILAM does not generally cause nausea or pain on an empty stomach, as most vitamins usually do; on the contrary, it can better absorb and assist the stomach and intestines. BIOFILAM is not recommended to take before sleeping, as most people report an increased energy level, which could inhibit sleep.

For general health and prophylactic purposes, including temporary nausea, and indigestion (not caused by serious conditions) take 2 to 4 capsules per day.

For serious conditions such as cancer, high blood sugar, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol and poor thyroid function, it is recommended to increase the intake of BIOFILAM to larger quantities, such as 8 to 10 capsules* per day (4 to 5 grams) for period of three months. If you observe improvement in health conditions, lesser dosage may be taken for maintenance, such as 2 to 4 capsules per day.

For chelation therapy, i.e. the removal of heavy metals and radiation from the body, take approximately 10 to 12 (in some cases more) capsules per day for up to six months. It is a good idea to give the body a break once a month for a period of several days during the detoxification period. The amount of heavy metals in each person is different so it is recommended to have hair analysis’ done before starting BIOFILAM and periodically afterwards in order to identify the amount of heavy metals in ones body and to observe the amounts that are being effectively removed.

All other questions regarding dosage of BIOFILAM will be gladly answered if you contact us directly. Please, find our Contact Info in the menu section of this Internet page.

These dosage recommendations are based on scientific research and clinical studies on subjects, who volunteered to take BIOFILAM as an additive to their regular diet. Please, refer to our RESEARCH page for more statistics.

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*One capsule 500 mg, 90 capsules,  $25.99

(buy three get one free)
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Is there a scientific explanation of BIOFILAM?

BIOFILAM is a concentrated extract of the brown seaweed species, Laminaria japonica. This seaweed is gathered in the clean waters of the northwestern Pacific Ocean. Our unique patented technology “semidigests” the tough outer layer of seaweed fibers exposing and making the macro and micro-nutrients more available. Our technology allows us to get at the dense central vein of the Laminaria and process it without waste and preserve a very high bioavailability.

Over the years, we have conducted scientific studies of the health benefits of BIOFILAM. In addition, the medicinal and nutritional benefits of brown seaweed, in general, have been observed for a long time. One of the most important features of BIOFILAM and the Laminaria Japonica species of brown seaweed, is its high concentration of soluble polysaccharides such as Fucoidan, Laminarin and Alginates. It is especially rich in glucuronic acid, mannose and fucose.

Research concerning Fucoidan has shown its ability to cause the self-destruction of different cancerous cells associated with stomach cancer, colon cancer, leukemia and others. For example, It was reported in Japan, that epidemiological observations proved that Laminaria was the highest contributing factor in decreasing the rate of breast cancer. Our special low-temperature technology of processing Laminaria Japonica preserves and concentrates these vulnerable thermolabile elements, which makes BIOFILAM a concentrated source of the “cancer-killing” elements of Fucoidan and Laminarin.

Extra-cellular matrix is known to be required for tumor growth and formation. Tumors cause a high-level fibrin leakage from surrounding capillaries. This fibrin leakage clots and gets invaded by different cells recruited by solid tumors, including fibroblasts and endothelial cells.

This leads to tumor vascularization, which is greatly necessary for tumor development and metastasis. Laminarin sulfate prevents the binding of the basic fivroblast growth factor (BFGF) to an extra-cellular matrix which can help prevent fibrin clot infiltration by tumor-recruited fibroblasts and endothelial cells. Therefore, BIOFILAM offers a new approach to cancer therapy based on the principle of blocking vascularization.

Cancer metastasis includes the cancer cell adhesion to a host tissue basement membrane where tissue infiltration can occur with the help of cancer c ell surface (urokinaze-type plasminogen activator) associated with plasminogen activation. Fucoidan affects cancer cell metastasis(anti-matastatic activity) by preventing physical interaction between cancer cells and basement membrane and also suppresses the proteolytic cascade of plasminogen activation.

Cooperation and structure of cells, tissues, tumor and host cells may be mediated by cooperation between cell membrane polysaccharides and the protein receptor. Fucoidan prevents the adhesion by blocking lectin-like adhesion molecules (glycoproteins) on cell surfaces and thus infiltrates into tumor cells (metastasis).

Another anti-cancerous property of Fucoidan was demonstrated in vitro and in vivo on a cell line derived from a non small-cell human broncho-\ pulmonary carnicoma.

Fucoidan showed anti-growth activity with a block noticed in the GI phase of the cell cycle. It was also shown that Fucoidan functioned as an activator of the reticulo-endothelial system, especially in preventing phagocytosis. This shows another possible side of anti-cancer Fucoidan activity, referring to the macrophage- mediated cancer cell elimination. Non-phlysaccharide fractions of Fucoidan posses rather significant cancer-preventive anti-mutagenic (anti-DNA damage) properties against detoxic substances.

Fucoidan and Laminarin sulfate polysaccharides can help to prevent and treat cardio-vascular diseases by performing several operations:

the operation of smooth muscle cell proliferation (monocronal hyperplasia) which is an important step in athero-geneses
activation of enzymes participating in beta-oxidation of fatty acid which can prevent and treat hyperlipedemia. Laminarin is known to be hypertensive. It also represents 30% of the anticoagulant activity of heparin.
All the above mentioned can help BIOFILAM to prevent and treat coronary heart diseases, atherosclerosis, cerebrovascular diseases, cancergeneses and cancer metastasis.

BIOFILAM can also be applied in environmental medicine. Polysaccharide Laminarin has been tested on many subjects exposed to radiation. Within 24 hours after radiation exposure, in an effort to prevent radiation sickness and death, Laminaria Japonica was administered. These tests showed that Laminaria japonica can help to treat and prevent ionizing radiation effects. The non-digestible polysaccharide Alginate possesses the ability to bind radio-active elements and heavy metals to its own molecules preventing them from bonding with the body.

This alginate comprises 55% of BIOFILAM’s dry weight. As the alginate is non-digestible it is removed from the body along with the with the bonded toxins. It is known that Cadmium and Mercury exist at dangerously high levels in water, food and air. Alginate can also withdraw isotopes, which are accumulated in the body from the polluted environment.

Even insignificant amounts of radio-active contamination can expose surrounding cells to radio-active emission. The following example can show how alginate helps to remove toxic substances that get into the body from the polluted environment, especially radioactive Strontium. Sr2 + (food) Sr2 + (in GI tract) + alginate = strontium alginate feces Sr2 + (blood) Sr2 + (bones).

The amount of strontium molecules in the bone structure is continuously released and is moving with the blood stream, which delivers these molecules to the large intestine, where they are again absorbed by the body. Alginate destroys this circular process by binding toxic molecules and releasing them from the body with feces. Alginate can bind to heavy metals such as cobalt, mercury, lead, radium, and copper. To remove heavy metals from the body it is necessary to use it for a period not less than four months.

BIOFILAM contains Fucoidan which can normalize the operation of the alimentory tract.

The inflammation engages synthesis of proinflammatory mediators, such as adhesion molecules, white cell penetration of gastro-intestinal mucosa and hinges mucosal integrity. The application of heparin has given clinical remission with patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disorder. It was possible due to the restoration of the fibroblast growth factor activity that causes the epithelium repairs. As Fucoidan has the same properties as heparin including cell surface activity, a similar therapeutic benefit can be expected from the use of Fucoidan. Another positive feature of heparin, heparin sulphate and potentially Fucoidan is their mucosal-protective properties as glycosaminoglycans.

Gastro-intestinal inflammation may produce substances such as heparin and Fucoidan to be “conditionally valuable” nutrients for oral administration as they may be absorbed across the GI mucosa.

Do you have any Doctor’s testimonials?

This page will enable you to read about the usages and results of BIOFILAM from letters of professionals who have used our products. Today there are inumerous medical professionals around the world that feel confident in recommending BIOFILAM to their patients.

We are in the process gathering more testimonials from doctors and physicians and we will post their letters here soon.

Please, come back for updated information and hear what professionals are saying about their experience with BIOFILAM. And, please remember – these letters are REAL testimonies of practicing medical specialists. We have originals of these documents on file.

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BIOFILAM tested on atherosclerosis patients

As a dietary supplement, BIOFILAM is a uniquely balanced complex of biologically active agents found in the brown seaweed Laminaria Japonica, containing up to 90% of polysaccharides (salts of alginic acid, seaweed cellulose, Fucoidan), which may be regarded as food fibers. Besides, it contains mineral substances (in form of inorganic salts and organic compounds) and Vitamins (particularly, up to 10% of recommended daily ration of Vitamin A). BIOFILAM was earlier proved to be an effective remedy to bind and remove radioactive iodine, strontium and cesium from the body.

A group of patients,13 men, with clinical forms of atherosclerosis (myocardial ischemia, arterial hypertension) was chosen with the purpose to study Biofilams therapeutic properties in cholesterol exchange process and atherosclerosis prevention. Research studies were performed during 3 months in the Cardiological Department of the Municipal Clinic.

Evaluation of therapeutic effect was done by analyzing the level of total cholesterol, triglycerides, beta-lipoproteids (using COBAS biochemical analyzer) in the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the course of treatment. None of the patients showed any signs of negative side effects throughout the course of testing, nor any liver or kidney malfunctions were detected.

BIOFILAM proved to be very effective for patients with uncomplicated, controllable, insulin-dependent (Type I) and insulin-independent (Type II) sugar diabetes with initial stage of hypercholesteremia: total cholesterol level in the patients’ blood went down from 5.7 – 10.6 MMole/l (on average 7.7 MMole/l – before treatment) to 3.13 – 6.89 MMole/l (on average 5.68 MMole/l – after treatment), making 26.5% decrease. The level of beta-lipoproteids decreased from 75 – 115 to 55 – 90 un (on average) and was comparable with data in 85% of studies with patients with no diabetes (decrease in average values from 2.34 to 1.59 MMole/l).

Decrease in dyspeptic disorders, among other positive effects of BIOFILAM, is worth mentioning too. Product tolerance was registered as satisfactory. We have concluded, that taking BIOFILAM has a sound therapeutic effect as a preventive and medicinal remedy for people suffering atherosclerosis and other forms of hyperlipoidemia.

PhD. Sergeeva M.A., Ankhudinov Municipal Clinic , Moscow

After Radiation

Dear Sirs; 

I have been recommending BIOFILAM to many of my patients with chronic serious conditions, and as a follow-up treatment after radiation. We are all pleased with their improved health. Thank you for bringing this product to us! 

Sincerely, Jacqueline Carson, N.D. Ojai, California

Metal Detox
Allergy and Nutrition Covina, CA 

September 6, 2000 

To whom it may concern: We are finding that BIOFILAM causes significant reduction in substances such as mercury and uranium. I am very pleased with this product and the results. 

Sincerely, James R. Privitera, M.D.

Significant Multi-Purpose Results

V. Shurlan, M.D., Orthopedics, Sport Medicine, And Rehabilitation

I have used BIOFILAM extensively over the last year (1998/1999) for numerous reasons. I am fully aware of the naturopathic effects and biochemistry of this product and, therefore, I have found it to be a great adjunct and treatment choice for many of my patients.

Since I have done most of my work in arthritis, collagen research and functional nutritional biochemistry, immunity and chelation therapy, I have applied and used this product for those reasons. The response was very good, gratifying and in some cases, rather significant.

Some of my patients have reported excellent results in conjunction with oral chelation therapy, e.g. detoxification re: mercury, cadmium, lead, etc.

Personally, I have experienced the same effects over the last 6-8 months. Certainly, I am planning to continue on a daily basis with taking BIOFILAM. It is needless to say that BIOFILAM would affect and lower cholesterol (LDL), regulate blood sugar and exert different anti-viral and anti-cancer effects. It is one of the best, most pure vitamin supplements and there is a good use for hypothyroidism due to iodine content. Also, it is a well known fact that cholesterol metabolism is closely connected with algorithm of collagen cartilage breakdown – e.g. osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

I am sure that an ongoing use of this product would bring up more of the results in many areas and disciplines of patient’s care (generally and specifically). I can fully recommend this product.

Sincerely Yours, V. Shurlan, M.D.

For Inflammation

There is interesting potential application of BIOFILAM as one of the best sources of fucoidan is for inflammatory conditions of the alimentary tract.

The inflammation process involves elevated synthesis of the proinflammotory mediators like adhesion molecules, white cell infiltration of gastrointestinal mucosa and altered mucosal integrity. Therapeutic use of heparin has produced clinical remission in the majority of patients with inflammatory bowel disorder. One of the mechanisms involved is restoration of the fibroblast growth factor activity that stimulates repair of the epithelium. Since fucoidan shares many properties with heparin including cell surfact activity one can expect similar therapeutic benefit with use of fucoidan.

Another mechanism of the beneficial effect of heparin, heparin sulphate and potentially fucoidan is their mucosal – protective properties as glycosaminoglycans. Gastrointestinal inflammation may cause alteration in the protective mucosal layer of glycosalminoglycans and may cause substances like heparin and fucoidan to become “conditionally essential” nutrients suitable for oral administration because they can be absorbed across the GI mucosa.

L.Gordin, M.D. Cambridge, MA