Venus Fly Trap (VFT 100)


Nature’s first aid for help in recovering from some difficult health challenges
Before we had modern medicine with prescription medications, we used the wisdom of native plants to repair our bodies or recover from infections.
As more and more people reportedly suffer from the harsh side-effects of antibiotics and drugs or find themselves allergic to many of its types, plant-based remedies:

• are becoming more and more popular
• they are safer and all natural
• more compatible with the human body
• have little or no side effects

What’s more plant-based remedies address the cause rather than suppressing the symptom, which is what modern medicine focuses on.
Experience the benefits of the Venus Fly Trap plant in VFT 100 as it uses its unique evolution to help safely digest and shrink the causes of many diseases.

How can a Venus Fly Trap plant extract help with diseases?

The Venus Fly Trap plant is native to the bogs of North and South Carolina. As you may recall, this plant has evolved to use its own mechanical action to “catch” its nutrition.
When an insect lands on its traps, it is attracted by a scent from the Venus Fly Trap. The plant produces a reddish colored sticky substance inside the leaf where there are trigger hairs. Those triggers need to be activated twice. When that happens the plant begins to close and trap its food. Once the insect triggers the mechanical action, the plant begins to digest its prey.
The Venus Fly Trap plant (also known by it’s Latin name, Dionaea Muscipula) is a species of carnivorous plants that contains a powerful immune modulator “naphthoquinone plumbagin.”
Research shows that plumbagins used in low doses are potent stimulator’s of:
• macrophage activity (large scavenger cells that can engulf and destroy bacteria, and other foreign debris)
• anti-mutagenic (a compound acting on cells and tissues to decrease initiation of mutation)
• HDL elevation, the good cholesterol
• bacterial resistance to antibiotics, as demonstrated in animal studies
In addition to those healing influences, the Venus Fly Trap also has two comforting abilities. It can:
1. Increase or normalize body temperature
2. Dramatically increase a sense of well-being and energy

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