Ten Mushroom Complex

Designed from extensive clinical research to give you the BEST overall immune support
The certified organic mushrooms in MycoCeutics® Organic Ten Mushroom Formula™ contain active constituents that work synergistically to help your body to:
• Recognize and fight off disease and infection
• Have the energy to live your life well
• Extend your life as long as possible with optimal health
• Help you relax knowing you’re giving it the best support possible
What’s in the Organic Ten Mushroom Formula™?
MycoCeutics® Organic Ten Mushroom Formula™was designed from extensive clinical research so it’s based on solid science.
Organic Ten Mushroom Formula™ consists of:
• Reishi
• Maitake
• Shiitake
• Hericium
• Cordyceps
• Coriolus
• Umbellatus
• Wood Ear
• Poria
• Temella
It has been shown that these mushroom can provide optimal ratios of key beneficial components to support your body’s development of overall and immune health.
How else can this mushroom formula help my body?
That’s a good question. We know most of our customers aren’t scientists, so we’ll break it down so it makes sense to you. When you look at the chemical make-up of the certified organic mushrooms in MycoCeutics® contain, you’ll see they have:
1. Beta-glucans — as substance which supports your body’s activation of macrophages, putting these front-line immune system defenders on high alert to engulf and digest foreign invaders.
2. Alkaloids — organic compounds known for their medicinal attributes.
3. Nucleotides — one of the building blocks of ribonucleic acids (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA); they play an important role in your body’s storage and transfer of genetic information.
4. Proteins — fundamental components of all living cells and include many substances, such as enzymes, hormones, and antibodies, that are necessary for your body’s proper functioning.
5. Triterpenes — a biogenetic substance that can help your body relieve joint pain & inflammation naturally.
6. Polysaccharides — complex carbohydrates containing a large number of saccharide groups such as starch, which are believed to contribute to anti-aging.
7. Unsaturated fatty acids — contained primarily in vegetable oils and fish, which remain liquid at room temperature; linked to a reduction in the risk of developing heart disease.
Overall, these active constituents work synergistically to support separate elements of the immune response by enhancing the liver’s detoxification cycles while others directly stimulate interferon production and various cells involved in immune function.
Additionally, these mushrooms work with the body to:
• support it as a whole
• aid the cardiovascular system
• promote cognitive abilities
• activate the digestive systems
So as you can see, your body can derive great benefits from the Organic Ten Mushroom Formula®.
NOTE:* Although there have been many clinical studies on mushrooms, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is for educational purposes.

Women’s health editor uses Organic 10 Mushroom Formula®
” My favorite immune enhancers are medicinal mushrooms. I take two capsules of MycoCeutics® Organic 10 Mushroom Formula® before meals. It outperforms every other immune formula I’ve tried.”
– Nan Kathryn Fuchs, PhD, Editor of Women’s Health Letter
How much should I take?
Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement take, 2 capsules, twice daily, or as directed by your physician or health professional.

What’s the purpose of MycoCeutics® 10 Mushroom Formula®?
The MycoCeutics® 10 Mushroom Formula® has a balanced ratio of the most highly regarded medicinal mushrooms meant for general immune support and good health: Reishi, Maitake, Cordyceps, Coriolus, Hericium, Tremella, Shiitake, Wood Ear, Poria and Polyporus.
These mushrooms have beneficial effects on different stages of the immune response, documented by scientific research over the last thirty years.
By tackling different aspects of immunity simultaneously, the substances in mushrooms have a greater impact. This proprietary blend of these ten mushrooms creates the powerful synergistic effect of 10 Mushroom Formula®.

Why is there so much excitement about medicinal mushrooms?
Medicinal mushrooms have been treasured and praised for thousands of years in the Orient, where they are listed among the best medicines available.
Medical researchers are now confirming many medical benefits of mushrooms, especially in the areas of immune enhancement and general good health. Mushrooms have been intensively studied as antitumor agents.
They contain many substances which are antioxidants, protecting the body from toxins, mutagens, and free radicals, and specifically protecting the liver from injury.
Mushrooms also appear to influence heart and artery disease by regularizing blood pressure.

What’s so special about mushrooms?
Quote from mushroom expert {bold added for emphasis}:
“These fungi survive and thrive upon the decay of the forest floor through their dual power of self-protection and self-transformation.
Over millions of years, mushrooms have successfully adapted to an environment replete with threatening microbial agents by developing natural substances that prevent bacteria and viruses from replicating inside their cells.
Unlike other plants (that are dazzling green with chlorophyll and synthesize nutrients from the radiant sun) the crimson, tawny, and inky mushrooms flourish by a different mechanism.
While plants absorb carbon dioxide and liberate oxygen, mushrooms mimic human respiration by captivating oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.
In keeping with forest ecology, plants then reuse this carbon dioxide to manufacture their food. By discharging enzymes into the matter upon which they feed, fungi break down complex carbohydrates and proteins into simpler compounds.
This process of decomposition enriches the soil and makes essential substances available to plants in a form they can absorb. But unlike humans who need light and fresh food, mushrooms feed on moist decaying organic matter in deep shade – they are the grand recyclers.
Within the body, a few medicinal mushrooms seem to be able to transmute metabolic waste and neutralize toxic accumulations without provoking eliminative catharsis as a consequence.
They are a safe and effective medicament that has been valued over thousands of years of human civilization.”
–Harriet Beinfield, a noted expert on Chinese medicine

Are these mushrooms raised in quality conditions?
MycoCeutics® 10 Mushroom Formula has three distinct qualities:
1. Superior cultivated mushrooms
2. Clinically-based formulation
3. Balanced ratio of ten immune supporting mushrooms
The highest quality mushrooms are used in MYCOCEUTICS® formulas. Grown on a bed of organic brown rice, under controlled conditions, these mushrooms NEVER come in contact with the heavy metals, pollutants and contaminants found in other mushroom sources.
No sensitive ecological areas are damaged to collect the mushrooms. This proprietary growth process creates a safe high quality and consistent product.
Using these high-quality ingredients, a team of clinicians with decades of practical experience undertakes formulation and testing. Familiar with both Western and Asian medicinal substances for strengthening the immune system, our researchers work every day with patients in clinical setting as well as reviewing the latest literature and research for new insights on how to increase the immune-enhancing power of mushrooms.
The result is MycoCeutics® 10 Mushroom Formula combining quality, clinical basis and correct ratios for greater effectiveness and optimal support of your immune system.

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