Celtic Sea Salt® unprocessed, sun dried, raw

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Celtic Sea Salt

Helps your body lower sodium risk and increase its mineral intake

Find out why health-conscious shoppers and gourmet chefs prefer this sea salt

Once you try Celtic Sea Salt®, you’ll throw away your bleached, grocery-store variety table salt. Even though it’s more expensive, it’s worth it, because:

•It’s chemical-free and bleach-free
•It contains no pouring agents that deplete its nutrients
•It’s hand-harvested and solar dried so you never get any chemicals or bleach in your salt
•It’s all-natural and loaded with mineral-rich trace elements that are essential to good health
•Those trace minerals satisfy your body’s cravings and reduce over-eating
•It’s lower in sodium than table salt yet higher in salt flavor so you can use less and stay healthy
•It’s tested by independent laboratories so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what’s on the label…clean, pure salt

Why should I care about what kind of salt I buy?

If you ever heard someone say, “well, let’s see if you’re worth your salt!”, you were listening to an ancient saying that came from a time when people were actually paid in salt. Salt was used as money.


Because historically, salt was extremely important to everyone’s diet. it was an accepted fact. Salt contains a combination of essential trace minerals not found anywhere else. It balances many body functions with precision.

Did you know this little known ‘salt’ fact?

The word salary goes back to the Latin word that originally denoted a ‘allowance given to a Roman soldier for buying salt’ or a ‘salt allowance’.

This was ‘Salarium,’ a derivative of sal, ‘salt.’ Salt being in former times a valued commodity over which wars were fought, rather that taken for granted as it is today. It soon broadened out to mean ‘fixed periodic payment for work done,’ and passed in this sense via Anglo-Norman salarie into English.

Source: University of New Mexico

Today, for the most part, we use processed salt. Those precious minerals and trace elements are now stripped out in a processing plant.

Salt processors and advertisers have convinced us that we should be more concerned with the white bleached look of the product and lower costs rather than in its actual nutritional content.

Why choose Celtic Sea Salt®?

•It’s a whole food, presented as it is in nature
•It contains a variety of balanced nutrients
•It’s harvested by hand using a centuries’ old Celtic tradition of evaporation to leave its minerals in tact but supported by modern quality control standards
•It tastes better than conventional table salt and doesn’t leave your body craving essential minerals
•NO more searching for salty snacks loaded with table salt that don’t fulfill your body’s needs
•You can use more without any health worries or without losing flavor
•You will get essential nutrients that support your body better
•Gourmet chefs use this salt for its fine quality and incomparable taste
•In 1991, The French Ministry of Forests and Agriculture gave its most honorable “Superior Quality Food” mention to Celtic Sea Salt®

Why does the harvesting method makes a difference?

Gathered and harvested near the coast of Northwestern France where the ocean water is rich in a variety of minerals makes Celtic Sea Salt® superior to other salts.

The salt is channeled into clay ponds where the sun and wind evaporate the water leaving a rich mineral brine. A salt farmer uses wooden tools to speed its drying and helps the salt crystals form before packaging takes place.

By contrast the everyday table salt we usually see and use is washed and boiled. It is then mixed with iodine, bleaching agents, and anti-caking agents to create a purely white, free-flowing product. Even many sea salts you see in health food stores have been boiled and washed, which ends up removing minerals and trace elements.

Why else is Celtic Sea Salt® different?

Each and every year, this salt is:
•Analyzed by an independent research laboratory to assure its valuable nutritional content.
•Shown to be safe to eat.
•Proven to have a lower in sodium and chloride level than traditional table salts, so it’s healthier.
•Demonstrated to contain a mineral and trace element content is much higher than table salt to provide you body with essential nutrients.

February 1996 Dr. West says:

“Today, health claims are getting wilder and wilder. None of these claims changes the most fundamental truth about good health–namely, that lifestyle changes with the right kinds of nutritional supplements, attention to your environment, exercise, examination of your body’s structure (i.e. spine, neck, pelvis), pure water, the right kind of salt (we use only Celtic Sea Salt®), and a positive mental attitude are the things that make up good health.”

From Health Alert by Dr. Bruce West

How does the nutrient value of your table salt compare with Celtic Sea Salt®?

The nutrient amounts given below are from one pound of Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt®. With ordinary processed table salt, you need to watch your salt intake.

But you could probably use 1-3 teaspoons of Celtic Sea Salt® a day. By doing so, you will consume minuscule amounts of some of the minerals and trace elements given.

The amounts are shown in percentages. The percentage amount of each mineral and trace element remains true no matter what quantity of Celtic Sea Salt® is used.

What does the analysis of Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt® show?

August 26, 2005

Other trace minerals & elements, as well as moisture, account for the remaining composition of Celtic Sea Salt®.

Independent analysis by ENC Labs, www.enclabs.com





69 ppm

4.8 ppm

8.52 (10% solution)

E. Coli

9.9 ppm


242 ppm

Abbreviations: %-percent; ppm-parts per million; ND-none detected.

Are you giving your body the salt it needs?

Test Celtic Sea Salt®against your regular table salt. You will never use that crystalline white “other” salt any more! I have been using this tasty salt for over six years now.

As a Certified Nutritional Consultant and a health practitioner, I can tell you it has a much better flavor so you can actually use less, if desired. What I have noticed is:

•There is no feeling of bloating
•No water retention from it use
•Plus, it enhances the flavors of food in a superior way to the other salt

When you get it home, take the taste test. Side by side, have your ‘table salt’ (that white stuff) and the Celtic Salt®. Taste one then the other and you will discover what truly exceptional salt can be like. Only the finest chefs use this salt. Improve the quality of your life and the taste of your food with this nutritious salt.


One Pound Coarse  $5.00      


One Pound Fine Grind  $8.00      

(has been dried to 200 degrees in order to grind)