UMAC Core Liquid Plankton Supplement

marine phytoplankton natural supplement


Let your body restore itself with oxygen and nutrients

Today there are two schools of thought on how to have better health. One involves traditional medicine using pharmaceutical prescription drugs and/or surgery. The other is to give the body the natural nutrients it needs to repair itself and maintain good health.
As an alternative health practitioner, I am strongly in favor of the second approach. To that end, I’d like to introduce you to a new product to my practice to help you restore your health. It is called UMAC (Unique Marine Algae Concentrate) CORE.

What is UMAC?

These clear drops contain salt-water algae undetectable to the naked eye. They consist of:
• Simple celled phytoplankton that feed most of the world’s ocean creatures and are an excellent source of oxygen and nutrition
• They are loaded with vitamins, fats, proteins, carbohydrates
• Most importantly, they contain the energy or the voltage to help your cells work to repair themselves

It is great for breastfeeding women, babies, kids, older people, pets- you name it!!

Umac is just a microscopic plant from the sea, just like eating a vegetable.

It does not interact poorly with any other supplement/herb or pharmaceutical.

What will UMAC help me with?

Here is a brief list of the conditions that UMAC CORE can be beneficial for.
• Strengthening cardiovascular health
• Balancing blood sugar
• Relieving arthritis
• Improving sleep
• Lowering cholesterol
• Supporting skin care
• Renewing better liver function
• Helping improve diabetes
• Reducing food cravings
• Stabilizing major organ functions
• Lowering use of asthma inhalers
• Improving cancer survival
• Relieving food allergies
• Building a stronger immune system
In short, there are thee major things that UMAC can help you with:
• It supports cellular health
• Promotes energy and vitality
• Provides an excellent source of micro nutrients

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What nutrients are contained in UMAC?

The Marine Algae Nutritional Properties of UMAC come from it’s many, many micronutrients…all of which replenish your body.
• Alanine – Activates muscles and is an immune system booster.
• Arginine – New muscle builder. Supports immune system. Detoxifies the liver.
• Asparagine – Immune system booster. Brain energizer.
• Aspartic Acid – Assists making heathy DNA. Immune system booster.
• Betacarotene – Immune system booster. Defends against free radical attack. Aids digestion. Vision enhancement, cornea protector.
• Bioflavinoids – Immune system booster. Removes toxins from skin cells.
• Biotin – Promotes heathier-looking hair.
• Boron – Promotes stronger bones. Improves mental clarity. Assists with unclogging arteries.
• Calcium – Promotes stronger bones. Calms nerves. Improves cholestrol levels.
• Chlorophyll – Promotes bowel regularity. Cleanses interstitial tissues.
• Chromium – Moderates existent diabetes. Prevents adult-onset diabetes.
• Cobalt – Repairs nerve cells. Helps produce red blood cells.
• Copper – Eases arthritis. Helps produce red blood cells.
• Cysteine – Detoxifies carcinogens.
• Essential Fatty Acids – Reduces cardiovascular disease.
• Electrolytes – Helps kidneys regain optimum function.
• Fiber – Eliminates toxic wastes.
• Fluorine – Fights tooth decay improves bone density.
• Folic Acid – Increases mental focus. Prevents anemia.
• Germanium – Helps control Espstein-Barr virus.
• Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) – Lowers cholestrol.
• Glutamic Acid – Reduces alcohol/sugar craving.
• Glutamine – Increases mental focus.
• Glutathione – Defends against free radical attacks.
• Glycine – Calms nervous system.
• Glycogen – Boosts physical stamina
• Histidine – Enhances nutrient absorption. Removes toxic metals.
• Iodine – Assists with maintaining regulating body weight.
• Iron – Decreases anemia. Increases emotional health. Increases physical energy. Isoleucine – Builds muscle. Helps repair the liver.
• Lecithin – Dissolves cholestrol deposits. Improves short-term memory.
• Leucine – Reduces hypoglycemic symptoms.
• Linoleic Acid – Combats viral infections
• Lysine – Helps prevent osteoporosis.
• Magnesium – Promotes tranquility. Moderates mood swings. Reduces migraine headaches.
• Manganese – Assists joint mobility.
• Methionine – Enhances memory. Mood elevator. Removes heavy metals.
• Molybdenum – Increases longevity.
• Niacin (Vitamin B3) – Stress reducer. Lowers cholesterol. Assists in reversing atherosclerosis.
• Nickel – Promotes cellular growth and reproduction.
• Nucleic Acids – Memory enhancement.
• Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Increases cell membrane flexibility. Cholesterol dissolving properties. Reduces cardiovascular diseases.
• Omega – 6 Fatty Acids – Relieves arthritis symptoms. Skin tone improvement. Reduces cardiovascular disease.
• Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – Reduces morning pain caused by arthritis. Reduces toxicity from alcohol. Defender against free radicals.
• Phenylalanine – Improves mental clarity. Sugar cravings reducer.
• Phosphorous – Assists with healthy teeth. Increases bone fracture repair.
• Potassium – Hypertension reducer. Blood pressure control.
• Proline – Increases learning ability. Assists repairing torn cartilage.
• Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) – Immune system booster. Relieves PMS.
• Riboflavin – Boosts physical energy. Defends free radical attacks. Reduces eye fatigue.
• RNA – Improves mental focus.
• Selenium – Strengthens immune system. Relieves anxiety.
• Serine – Enhances skin beauty.
• Silicon – Skin tightening.
• Sodium – Assists preventing sunstroke.
• Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) – Assists in preventing free radical activity.
• Substance P – Increases mental focus.
• Thiamine (Vitamin B1) – Increases energy. Improves mental attitude. Tension reliever.
• Theonine – Immune system enhancer. Ameliorates skin tone.
• Tyrosine – Improves emotional health. Enhances mental alertness. Increases memory ability.
• Valine – Promotes muscle tissue building.
• Vanadium – Assists in controlling blood sugar levels.
• Vitamin B12 – Increases physical energy. Enhances mental focus. Assists with nervous system repair.
• Vitamin C – Promotes healthier gums. Reduces risk of cancer. Reduces duration of common cold.
• Vitamin E – Immune system booster. Promotes healthy nerve tissue.
• Zinc – Supports prostate health. Strengthens immune system. Reduces outbreaks of acne. Increases memory access. Reduces common cold symptoms.

Is UMAC pure and safe?

Leading scientists once thought cultivating wild micro algae in commercial quantities and purity levels was impossible. Fortunately, UMAC’s founding company discovered a clean and pure way to make UMAC CORE.
Located in the pristine waters off the Western Coast of Canada, they developed a way to safely grow the marine phytoplankton through a series of processes.

The testing process…

What happens is small amount of sea water is gravity fed into the facility. As it arrives it goes through an intake tube that runs out 1 km from land to a depth of 25 m. This water is then collected tested for molds, yeast, toxins, heavy metals and contaminants.
It is also tested to make sure there are natural ingredients for growth initiation. After that it is checked for a low concentration of naturally occurring wild phytoplankton.
The company has also taken steps to protect their proprietary process. They use a combination of patent pending technology and photosynthesis.

The certification process…

Once the marine phytoplankton has reached “full bloom” it is then tested and processed according to GMP standards in a certified laboratory and manufacturing facility.

The packaging process…

Their fully automated packaging is performed under sterile conditions. In the case of making capsules, the powder is encapsulated in vegetarian capsules, which are then packaged in air tight bottles. In preparing the liquid, it is placed in dark glass bottles to ensure protection from light exposure.

The final testing process…

At the conclusion of each run of product, a full analysis is performed to ensure the product adhere to the guidelines for heavy metals, yeast, molds, bacteria and more.

Each batch comes with a Certificate of Analysis

Each batch of finished product is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis. It is important to remember that algae is considered a whole food, so you can take it with other vitamins or herbs.
CAUTION: As always, if you are pregnant, nursing or have any questions or concerns, consult your health care provider.

How do I purchase UMAC?

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