expand your heart


take a look at this above!!  You can increase the health of your heart and cardiovascular system.  I take the strophanthus myself due to heart weakness from an ‘attack’ caused by personal stress in 2014.  That happened on July 3rd just after midnight, after a day of intense stress, emotional and physical. During that time of intense stress my heart ‘crashed’ and the body almost perished.  Now it is time to share this story with you so you may have the information for yourself of a loved one. Thanks to Dr. Thomas Cowan, and  importantly my friend Nancy who had just received a Weston A Price Foundation publication in the mail, and shared this with me (Wise Traditions) this body still exists.  Dr. Cowan had written an article on Ouabain and the heart.  I contacted him, had an appointment, and here we are, over three years later!  Gratitude and Blessings,

Xianti Hoo

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